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The King Jesus Christ Holy Singing Bible has been in the inspired development stage for the past eight years, Truly this is Gods Song of Songs in the Voice of Melody from the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ… The sensations wrapped in light are contemporary World TruRocOrchestra, including a large empowered TruRoc band accompanied with a Glory filled TruRocOrchELsrta being the first in its kind, accompanied with an largest member Spirit filled TrueRocSingers and yes there is more that will be Joy on discovery at a future time

This Work when completed will be an interactive entertainment software empowered by the Holy Spirit of God that Sings all the Books of the entire Holy Bible, cover to cover… verbatim, including unusual and first of its kind film footage with accompanying Word Graphics, there is more to introduce on new interactive and exciting first of there kind entertainment platforms in the future… This Joy Filled Song of all Songs will appeal and educate people of all ages around the World, all the time… and with enough “in Time,” users could elevate too an equivalent educational level of a doctorial degree by simply Singing along and study, en joying at there own pace right where they are in there own time... with family or by themselves, with friends or in the karaoke, in an variety of entertainment public areas like movies, churches, radio, and in theaters, on PCs, laptops and iPhones, in schools and colleges, there is much more coming soonToday, all of Us together are now on finance and planning, next movement into production, post production and final release on Gods Song of Songs in a voice of  Melody… God is Truly… the only Awesome…